10 jun 2014 
Svobodny Sokol. CityPipe 2014

From 3 to 6 of june 2014 a very important event took place  in Crocus City Center. the 11-th  International forum Ecwatec 2014 the biggest event on the territory of Russia and CIS that is didicated to water and water treatment sevice took its place in Moscow. The delegation of Svobodny Sokol took part in the most vivid water treatment service exhibition.

On the exhibiton stand 32 square meters long the production of Svobodny Sokol was presented together with the company's dealer in Lipetsk Region "Valok-Chugun".

Igor Efremov, the director general of the company took an active part in all the days of exhibition. Director deputy of corporate development Alexander Efremov and Regional development director Glazin Oleg managed to negitiate with the partners of the company. Sokol's marketing department headed by Evgeny Baryshnikov and deputy manager Jury Timanov, marketing department managers Elfimova Lily  and Orlov Andrei worked with the visitors and answered all the questions concerning pipe production and the quality. Sales department director Kagushev Mihail also answered all the questions the visitors had. During the exhibition some Svobodny Sokol partners visited the stand to talk about the perpectives on the pipe marlet of Russia and CIS.

horizontal directional drilling Svobodny sokol

While the preparation process some new pipe examples were made. The most interesting and the most difficult pipe sample was produced as a pipe going out from earth as a result of horizontal-directional drilling, there was a real grass instead of the ground. This model was made in real proportion. Diameter 100mm. Type of connection: RJ, Ductile iron pipe. this exhibition model turned out to be the most popular among all the visitors and especially among the companies working with horizontal-directional drilling.


RJS type of connectionThere also was a 600 mm ductile iron pipe example with the RJS type of connection - the newest development of Svobodny Sokol. During the exhibition the visitors could see lots of ductile iron pipe examples not only cast but also welded. 

Svobodny sokol's dealer the company Valok-Chugun works with welded ductile iron fittings and produces all the types of fitting according to any drawings. One more vivid example of ductile iron material could be clearly seen by means of ductile iron spring group. This example vividly shows plasticity and elongation of the material.

A special documental film was shut on video for an exhibition. It was a project in Saint-Peterburg at Sinopskaya sea front. The company AOMZ - Lipetsk pipe company Svobodny Sokol's exclusive dealer in saint-Peterburg managed to install ductile iron pipe 1000 mm diameter RJS connection under highway avenue.

The Sokol's stand was in the centre of exhibition hall next to other companies that produce pipe production. Among the most popular ductile iron pipe companies represented on exhibition there were SAINT-GOBAIN PAM (France) and HANYCO (Iran). Lipetsk pipe company's delegation managed to communicate with all foreign pipe representatives. foreign companies highly estimated the production of Svobodny Sokol. 

Svobodny Sokol marketing department head Evgeny Baryshnikov took an active part in the conference concerned trenchless pipe installing and made a speech in the section "Horizontal-directional drilling". the conference collected more than 30 professionals in trenchless pipe installing methods. 

More than 250 visitors from different countries and companies were able to see the company's production.  All of them could not only see the production with their eyes but also communicate with the company's professionals, technicians and representatives from different regions of Russia. Among the visitors there were the representatives of the biggest water supply organizations from Moscow, Saint-Peterburg, Kaluga, Oryol, Nizhnii Novgorod. There were a delegation of leading project and design institutions from Crimea. Among the guests was a delegation from Uzbekistan. It is necessary to point out that the production of Svobodny Sokol received only positive response. 

City Pipe again and again proved its high popularity among the professionals of water supply and sewerage systems sphere. All the guests and visitors highly evaluated Lipetsk pipe company Svobodny sokol production and it is clearly seen that the pipes and fittings the company manufactures are unique and popular among famous foreign companies and highly estimated on the territory of Russia and CIS


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