27 jun 2014 
Svobodny Sokol took part in Russian-Iraqi business forum

On the 24-th of June In the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian federation was a very interesting event. There was a Russia-Iraq business forum. The organizers of the event was Russian-Arab Business Council, Russian-Iraqi business council, Arabia Expo under support of the chamber of commerce and industry of Russian Federation, Foreign affairs Ministry and some others governmental departments.

Nowadays Iraq is interested in activating of commercial-economical and in investment partnership with Russian business, increasing of its existence on Iraq market and returning Russian professionals back in Iraq.

Russian-Arabic Business council invited Russian companies, that are considered to be perspective partners of Iraq. Lipetsk pipe company Svobodny Sokol also was in list among all the companies presented. In the name of the company the marketing department head Evgeny Baryshnikov took an active part in the forum. Together with marketing department head another representative of Lipetsk participated in the meeting. It was Lipetsk Chamber of commerce and industry president Anatoly Goltsov.

Svobodny Sokol Russian-Iraq Business forum
Pipe production is on the focus by Iraqi. The matter is that the republic is in active process of infrastructure development. The development goes not only in Baghdad but also in all populated cities and towns of the country. The buildings, roads, water and sewerage systems are being built. Iraq having a positive experience of partnership with Russia is aiming to return back all the volume of before-war partnership.

On the forum Iraq was represented by the president of the federation of Iraq chambers of commerce Jaa'far R. Al Hamdani, vice-president of the Baghdad chamber of industry and commerce Haidar Al Rabali, the first secretary of the Iraq embassy in Moscow Gazi Amer Al Topi, the Minstry of housing representatives , heads of some building factories and other representatives of Iraqi business.

The conference was opened by the Russian federation Chamber of Industry and Commerce director of the department of export links and work with business units V. Padalko and Russian-Arab business councill deputy director V.S. Lutsenko. Iraq federation of commercial and industrial chamber president pointed out historical and friendly relationship of Iraq Republic and Russia and told about interest of Iraq in manufacturing development in the country. The country needs huge foreign investment and Iraq government is ready to protect business on the territory of the country.
Svobodny Sokol Russian Arab business Council

During the forum both sides were able to provide the quests with their companies' presentations. Svobodny Sokol's marketing department
head made his speech to present the production Svobodny Sokol manufactures. After the conference he did the interview for the radio station “Voice of Russia” in the Middle East where he told about the advantages of ductile iron pipe for water supply and sewerage systems.

The forum came to an end by a series of business meetings in Metropol Hotel. Svobodny Sokol and Iraq part arrived to an agreement to make up an economical partnership. Mr. Al Hamdani personally promised to work on Svobodny sokol ductile iron pipe production spreading on Iraq market and establishing a long relationship of the company and Iraq ministries and companies that are responsible for water treatment service and sewerage systems in Iraq republic. 

Svobodny Sokol Russian-Iraq Business forum

In august Lipetsk company is ready to make negotiations between the structures responsible from Baghdad. Russian arab-business councul promised to help in making up the meeting and Mr. Al hamdani wanted to visit the company personally.

According to Mr. Baryshnikov words Iraq market is a very perspective direction. The Republic actively builds new water lines and building volumes have been increasing. Ductile iron pipes manufactured by Svobodny sokol have advantages against other potential manufacturers, because of good price policy and material quality.



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