Cast Fittings

Lipetsk Pipe company Svobodny Sokol produces ductile iron fittings

the fittings comply with  the ISO 2531 standard and ALL Uion State Standard (Russian ГОСТ) 5525-88.

Internal lining

Cement-mortar lining is applied to the inner surface of the pipes according to the ISO 4179 requirements.

Outer coating

The protective coating of bituminous paint and zinc is applied on outside surface of fittings.


The fittings shall bear paint or cast marks at the outside surface indicating:

  • manufacturer's mark;
  • nominal diameter;
  • year of manufacture;
  • ductile iron symbol (GGG).

Pipe Bands

Double Socket 90 Bend

Double-Flanged Bend

Socket - Straight End Bend


Double socket

Socket-Spigot End

Tee Pipes

All Socket Tee

All Flanged Tee

Double Socket Tee With Flanged Branch

Pipe Branches

Flanged socket-joint pipe

Flanged spigot end pipe


Stand Pipes

Socket Fire Support

Flanged Fire Support

Service Kit

Flanged Taper

Socket Pipe

Flanged - Socket Pipe

Screw Socket Pipe

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