President’s welcome speech

Dear colleagues, clients and business partners! 

I’m sincerely glad to welcome you in the name of Lipetsk Pipe Company Svobodny Sokol.

More than one hundred years Svobodny Sokol has been an outstanding actor of the Russian industry, combining unique technologies and rich traditions in the field of metallurgy.Nowadays the company is the biggest manufacturer of ductile iron pipes DN 80-1000 mm and fittings in Russia and CIS.


The production we make for you is a guarantee that allows providing the population of different countries with clean and pure water. It is certified as an industrial standard of troubleproof service in waterlines. For many decades ductile iron pipes have proved their quality, reliability and long-term service.

Nowadays the solution of the pipeline ecological safety problem is the main purpose to reach. With a process of cities developing there increase new problems for example soil volatile organic compound pollution. A great number of countries managed to solve this problem by using ductile iron pipes and fittings while building high-pressure pipelines. This action provides people with reliable protection from chemical influence.

Thousands kilometres  of ductile iron pipes have been implemented over the past few years. Water service companies of Russian, Belorussian and Ukraine biggest cities are our respectable customers.

Because of the uniqueness of the manufacture produced and perfect teamwork the geography of the marketing outlet crossed the borders of the Russian Federation and CIS. The biggest companies of Poland, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq etc. are our respectable partners and friends. It proves the fact that our company is a manufacturer of the high-quality production that satisfies all the desires and reqiurements of world water service companies and whole population.

Many things have been done but still for Lipetsk Pipe Company Svobodny Sokol the ski is the limit. The company continues to increase productive and technical potential enlarging the stock list of the production, using innovative methods and high-quality materials, making the team bigger better and more qualified. 

Developing success we work at positive soil and supportive environment for our partners and colleaques' business.


Respectfully yours,
President of 
Lipetsk Pipe Company Svobodny Sokol
Efremov Igor

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