26 february 2021 
Svobodny Sokol manufacturers pipes for Russian West

«Свободный сокол» решает проблемы с водоснабжением в Приамурье
Svobodny Sokol has started production of the first kilometer of pipes for the construction, reconstruction and expansion of water supply and sewerage systems in the city of Blagoveshchensk.

Water Blagoveshchensk provide three water intakes: "Amur", "Severny" and "Kaptajny", but due to the increasing time of construction of new residential houses in the city, the question arose about the possibility to increase the volume of drinking water. Since the main development is in the Northern residential area, it was decided to provide for the implementation of water supply to the objects under construction from the water intake "Severny". To do this, it was necessary to reconstruct them (since water has a high iron content) and expand it (to avoid a shortage of capacity in the future).

Preparatory work on the project has been carriyng out for several years. With the active support of the government of the Amur Region, the object was included in national projects in 2020 and accepted for constructing.

Nowadays the construction of a water pipeline from the pumping station of the second lift of the Severny water intake to the distribution network of the city is actively underway. Especially for this project, Svobodny Sokol started production of 1020 meters of pipes made ductile iron with spherical graphite DN 800mm. Such decision will allow to provide clean water to all residents of the area, and ductile iron guarantees complete impermeability of pipes for harmful substances from the soil.

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