18 march 2021 
Svobodny Sokol for Lomonosov Moscow State University

«Свободный сокол» для МГУ им. Ломоносова
Ductile iron pipes made by Svobodny sokol were chosen for constructing new facilities of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.  

The specialized physics and Mathematics boarding school was founded at Moscow State University in 1963. The initiator of its creation was one of the greatest mathematicians of the XX century and one of the founders of modern probability theory, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences Andrey Kolmogorov. The center receives high school students from the regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. In the list of the 25 strongest schools in Russia in terms of the Unified State Exam, All-Russian and international Olympiads, the SUNC MSU took second place, passing only the Moscow Lyceum No. 1535. Among the graduates of the center-153 doctors and 722 candidates of science.
The project, which received a positive conclusion of the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, provides for the construction of residential and educational buildings, as well as the constructing of external engineering networks. The new residential building - (4 aboveground floors), with a total area of 3,976 sq. m, is designed to accommodate 180 people, as well as the educational one.

For the construction of the water pipeline to the new buildings, the Lipetsk Pipe Company produced 1,257 meters of pipes with a diameter of 100 to 300 mm. Ductile iron will ensure trouble-free operation and complete impermeability of the pipeline. The inner coating of the pipes is made of sand and cement, which prevents from corrosion and keeps the transported water clean, and the reliability of the Ductile iron prevents dirt from entering the pipeline from the ground. In addition, ductile iron pipes are able to withstand large internal and external loads with a sharp change in the hydraulic pressure in the pipelines, as well as loads caused by the movement of soil as a result of subsidence, earthquakes and frosts. Thus, Svobodny Sokol pipes will provide clean water to several dozen generations of MSU students.


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