21 november 2019 
First stage tests Svobodny Sokol's ductile iron piles take place

From 18 to 21 of November on the territory of Lipetsk Pipe Company Svobodny Sokol first test for ductile iron piles took place. This production is a new and unique one for the Russian construction market.


While in Europe and USA ductile iron piles are applied during long time for construction and reconstrucion of different buildings, main pipelines and serve as a support for different communication lines in Russia such a production is not used.

In order to provide the market with the production it is neccesary to make some tests. Such tests began in Lipetsk. From 18 to 21 of november the first stage of open tests took place. The programm was made by the Svobodny Sokol together with NIIOSP named afret N.M. Gersevanov.

According to the programm the first stage included 8 piles to be set: 4 usual and 4 with cement. Such a test wad mde first time with the help of the modern equipment and vehicles.

As a conclusion the first stage was successful as the representatives of the NIIOSP named afret N.M. Gersevanov said. The nest stage is considered to be linket to static tests and the results will be included in construcion documents to pe applied in consctrucion sphere officially.




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