30 october 2019 
Russian record of Ductile iron pipe in HDD.

In Gukovo, Rostov Region, a unique project of setting a water ductie iron  main was launched by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) . This is the first project in Russia of such a big pipeline to be built by HDD method. Ductile iron pipe with length of about a kilometer and diametet 600 mm is about to be built.

Specialists of the company JSSC “Rostov”, which is building a water supply system in Gukovo, having calculated the pulling forces of its machines and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to lay the pipeline by parts - with a pipe diameter of 600 mm, the weight of the pipeline will be almost 200 tons. As Mikhail Shaurov, deputy director of the Uralsky Standart Trading Company the official partnet of Svobodny Sokol says:
“ In order to do this technological wells are made after about 200 meters from each other and between them we will build150-200 meter ductile iron pipeline. Right now, builders have set 300 meters of pipes into the well"

Pipes made of ductile iron made by the Svobodny Sokol were already laid by horizontal directional drilling. In particular, in St. Petersburg, using this method, Sokol's pipes with an RJS connection with a diameter of 700 mm were laid underroad at Lukoil gas stations. Lipetsk pipes made of ductile iron with an RJS connection are able to withstand large axial loads and are ideally suited for trenchless laying.

The water supply system in Gukovo is being built as part of the Federal  Program “Clean Water”. Its design length is more than 10 kilometers. 444 million rubles were allocated for its implementation. As follows from the tender documentation, almost the entire water main will be made of ductile iron pipes.

Svobodny Sokol is the only Russian manufacturer of ductile iron pipes in Russia and the CIS countries. The company is equipped with modern technology and equipment from leading world companies in France and Germany and produces pipes with diameters from 80 to 1000 mm. The company delivers pipes to 19 countries of the world. Heads of the company are  Igor Efremov and Anton Babutsidze.


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