9 september 2019 
Polish Auditors checked the production of Svobodny Sokol

The Lipetsk pipe company exports almost half of its ductile iron pipes (ductile iron) to Poland. Ductile iron pipelines are becoming increasingly popular in this country. Despite the fact that in Europe there are several large factories producing such products the pipes of the Lipetsk manufacturer are in stable demand on the Polish market.
 The Lipetsk company has been supplying Poland with ductile iron pipes since 2013. Since that time, an official dealer has been working in the country, who managed to make the company's products very popular. Today, almost 50% of the Polish market of ductile iron pipes is Lipetsk products; the remaining pig-iron pipes are brought from France, India and Italy.

Since the beginning of cooperation in the country, many projects have been implemented to lay drinking water supply and sewage networks. Polish builders managed to evaluate all the advantages of Lipetsk ductile iron pipes successfully applying them both when laying new networks, and during the reconstruction of old-iron pipelines made of gray cast iron, steel and polyethylene.

This year, several important objects were built at once in various parts of Poland. Directly in Warsaw, in the areas with historic buildings, water supply networks were reconstructed. For this,  Svobodny Sokol delivered a total of more than 300 kilometers of pipes of various diameters. In the conditions of dense urban development and taking into account the historical significance of the districts of the Polish capital, pipes from ductile iron foundations are most attractive, since they allow installation to be carried out as soon as possible with a guarantee of service for commissioned facilities for more than 100 years.

In early September, the Polish delegation arrived at the Svobodny Sokol. It was composed of representatives of the Polish dealer "Conecto SP.z.o.o" - Julita Krysyak and Vitchak Arkadius. The company was also visited by Marek Ronchka and Piotr Vodniak - inspectors of the Instytut Odlewnictwa Research Institute (Krakow), on the basis of which the IO CERT certification center operates. They conducted a regular audit of the production process and products in the company in order to extend the validity of the certificates necessary for the supply of pipes of the Svobodny Sokol to the Polish market.

So, based on the results of the inspection, the IO CERT inspector Marek Ronchka noted: “Our certification center is well acquainted with pipes made of high-strength cast iron of the Svobodny Sokol company. Products of really high quality, in all respects correspond to pipes produced at European enterprises, are in no way inferior to them. Personally, I come with the inspection for the sixth time. I can note that the enterprise is developing well, production processes are improving, the quality control system for raw materials and finished products. Internal production control is carried out in accordance with EN 545. Today we evaluated the production chain at all stages of pipe production, as well as testing samples of products as part of control measures. I can say that there are no deviations from the standards, all the procedures necessary to ensure high quality pipes are carried out in full. "
During the two-day work, the auditors assessed the entire production complex and, first of all, the procedures and measures to control the quality of the production of pipes from ductile iron at all stages of production. In addition, the laboratory of the company, its equipment for measuring and testing, as well as the competence of the personnel involved in the research, passed the test.
As a result, Marek Ronchka and Petr Vodnyak gave a positive conclusion on the verification. The validity period of the quality certificates of the IO CERT certification body for Sokol pipes from ductile iron will be extended.

This means that in the near future, deliveries to Poland of new batches of high-strength cast iron pipes manufactured by Svobodny Sokol will continue.

“A foreign audit is always a serious exam for a company, because the requirements of European quality standards for products for water supply are very strict. And we are pleased to note that every time Svobodny Sokol successfully passes inspections of foreign certification bodies, ” points out Anton Babutsidze, Managing Director of the company.

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