11 march 2014 
Aqua Therm In Tashkent: Conclusions

From the 25-th to 2-t of February 2014 Lipetsk pipe company Svobodny Sokol took part in the 3-rd International Exhibition for Water Treatment systems services “Aqua Therm Thaskent 2014”

Lipetsk Pipe Company presented the pipe join samples Tyton and RJ that showed great interest among Tashkent design and building companies. During the exhibition more than 70 people from different companies visited the stand. Among the guests were the representatives of the main water supply company in Tashkent “Suvsoz”, the representatives of the water supply company from Dzhizak and state expertise department of Uzbekistan Republic of architecture and building.  

The possibility of ductile iron pipe usage in water sewerage systems and the easiness of pipe assembling in any conditions was met with great interest among stand guests. One of the reasons for such attention to ductile iron pipe production is that plastic pipes cannot lay more than 15 years in the environmental circumstances of Uzbekistan. More than that plastic pipes are impossible to be laid upon earth surface. Svobodny Sokol Tashkent

  During the exhibition there were held 2 meetings with the representatives of “Uzkommunkhizmat” and the head engineer of Tashkent water supply company “SuvSoz”. These organizations are responsible for water treatment and sewerage treatment services on the territory of Tashkent.

The negotiations and official meetings were held on the territory of local organizations. Lipetsk Pipe Company was presented by marketing department Head Baryshnikov Evgeny, commercial director on Export Samkharadze Irakliy and regional development director Glazin Oleg.

The fact that official people and professionals who are responsible for non stop water and sewerage supply system in Uzbekistan are ready to use ductile iron pipes in their work have proved the postulate that ductile iron production of Svobodny Sokol is of high quality.


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