21 february 2014 
Appealing to consumers of production of “Lipetsk Pipe Company “Svobodny Sokol”.

On 20

February 2014, it came to our knowledge that Sokolov Vadim Pavlovich propagated the untrustworthy information about the product quality among consumers of “Lipetsk Pipe Company “Svobodny Sokol”.

The letter containing this information was sent to them by e-mail.  Sokolov Vadim Pavlovich has never been an employee of the Plant, and had no contractual relationship with the enterprise. 

The necessary statements to the law-enforcement authorities were prepared due to this fact.

In our turn, we should inform you that the information spread and signed by the individual called himself as V.P. Sokolov is completely untrue:

1. All the products manufactured by “Lipetsk Pipe Company “Svobodny Sokol” are in compliance with the requirements of ISO2531 and EN545. Product certification and surveillance audits for compliance with the standards are carried out annually in accordance with the procedure of certification by independent accredited international authorities of «ICIM» (Italy), «BUREAU VERITAS» (France), and «DNV» (Norway). All sanitary-hygienic standards required for drinking water are kept properly; all the products are subject to strict quality control for compliance with the standards of the Russian Federation, which is also confirmed by certificates of independent laboratories of «DWI», «WRAS» (UK).


2. All specialists of “Lipetsk Pipe Company “Svobodny Sokol” related to the manufacturing process, are properly trained and have the necessary documents, such as certificates, which can be verified by independent companies when issuing certificates of management system ISO9001.


3. The manufacturing process meets all modern requirements and ensures full compliance of products with international standards ISO9001, ISO2531 and EN545.


4. The cement-mortar lining of pipes manufactured by “Lipetsk Pipe Company “Svobodny Sokol” meets standard international requirements of EN545 and ISO4179, which is confirmed by independent expert’s certificates of «ICIM» (Italy), «BUREAU VERITAS» (France), «DNV» (Norway).


5. For 15 years, “Lipetsk Pipe Company “Svobodny Sokol” there were no claims and lawsuits related to the quality of products that can be easily detected by the documents of the judicial system, as “Lipetsk Pipe Company “Svobodny Sokol” was not a Party to any proceedings associated with inadequate quality of products.



6. The discredit photographs attached to the letter contain false information such as: 
- some of them represent pipes with "Universal" type of joint, which are not manufactured and supplied for more than 10 years; 
- some show mechanical damages of the pipes, occurred during transportation or unloading of pipes at the consumer’s site. All these cases were thoroughly investigated with the implementation of the necessary corrective actions; 
- The picture with the complete destruction of the pipe body contains the pipe of another manufacturer, which is evidenced by the markings on the external surface (stamped at their factory). Also, the pipe from another manufacturer is shown in the photo with the damage of the pipe socket.


7. The Government of Saudi Arabia has not issued any acts of bans or prohibition of use of pipes produced by our company.


8. Product liability of “Lipetsk Pipe Company “Svobodny Sokol” insured in OAO" MSK Insurance Group "under the contract number OTA/010956642/173 dd. 18.06.2013. There have been no appeals to the insurer regarding the poor quality of products reported.


Best regards,

I.V. Efremov

General Manager


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