Ductile iron pipe usage in hot water supply

Nowadays the problem of  pipe life service in hot water supply is rather burning. An average age for steel pipe in this sphere is about 8-12 years and the main reason for pipe failure is the problem of corrosion (pitting corrosion). One of the sources of the problem is the usage of ductile iron pipes in hot water supply sphere. According to complex research made by Vnipienergoprom institute in Saint-Petersburg and NIIEMI from Moscow, the lifelong service of hot water ductile iron pipes is not less than 30 years.

For 20 years more than 75 hot water pipelines have been built. The length of the pipelines is more than 30 km. Pipe lining geography is from Saint-Petersburg to Yakutia and from Rostov-on-Don to Salekhard. Different types of joint were used (welded and socket), ways of setting (channel, overground etc.). The most significant peculiarity of the ductile iron pipes usage in heat supply lines is the high corrosive resistance. The heads of the different heat supply companies choose the most difficult parts of pipeline to change with ductile iron pipes. 


 The primary advantage of the ductile iron pipes RJ connection is the possibility of pipe assembling without compensating devices and without cement  fixing point cause the joint is not rigid and has angular deflection. This step makes the assembling very fast and makes the lining cheaper.    

Our company offers ductile iron pipes and fittings for use in heat supply service with the restrained joint RJ and DN 100-300 mm. This type of connection provides fast and simple assembling and reliable use.

The company can manufacture all the constructions of fittings including non-standard. In order to connect steel pipes the company can produce increaser “steel-ductile”

High corrosive resistance

Ductile iron pipe usage in heat supply lines.

High assembling speed

No need in highly qualified staff

Possibility of assembling without cement fixing points

Outer pipeline cover of the pipes and fittings should be chosen in dependence on the way of lining and temperature of the liquid transported. For heat supply pipeline covering we recommend polyurethane+PE. 

The pressure to work with is 1.6 Mpa and the temperature is 120 °С (maximum is 150 °С).

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