6 october 2020 
Lipetsk Pipe Company “Svobodny Sokol” has successfully finished up the struggle with the hostile takeover endeavor.

Lipetsk Pipe Company “Svobodny Sokol” is a leading manufacturer of Ductile Iron pipes and fittings in Russia and European countries and also “Svobodny Sokol” is the top supplier of pipe goods for drinking water supply and sanitation sector.
In 2019-2020 an attempted raider seizure was carried out against  “Svobodny Sokol”, accompanied by extortion, pressure in the media and illegal initiation of a criminal case against the company's CEO Igor Efremov and executive director Anton Babutsidze.
The formal reason for the intervention of law enforcement agencies in the plant activities was the long-term dispute between Svobodny Sokol and the Lipetsk Energy Company (LESK). The essence of the dispute concerned the reasons, period and amount of payment for electricity and was repeatedly considered in courts.
Numerous human rights organizations, bar associations, and higher authorities of the Russian Federation spoke out in defense of the “Svobodny Sokol”. According to the decisions of the arbitration, appeal, cassation and Supreme courts, as well as the decision of the collegium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, the legality and probity of LTK Svobodny Sokol leadership actions in relations with LESK were confirmed. The criminal case initiated against the company's management was taken over by the Prosecutor General's Office, declared illegal by the decision of the Prosecutor General and, as a result, closed. All charges against Igor Efremov and Anton Bubutsidze was removed. The Lipetsk region prosecutor was amoved by presidential decree in connection with the illegal initiation of a criminal case.
At the moment, the enterprise is operating normally, expanding the supply map and developing new directions of production.

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