16 jun 2021 
Svobodny Sokol for Switzerland

Switzerland is rightfully considered the "well of Europe". It owns about 6% of all fresh water reserves on the continent, and drinking water is a quality product of natural origin. Approximately 80% of all water is taken from natural sources and groundwater, the rest from lakes. Strict regulations regarding water have led to a positive trend: the quality of groundwater remains at a very high level, and even more. About a third of all accumulated fresh water can be immediately supplied to the distribution network without additional and preliminary treatment, in other cases, for the most part, only simple disinfection is performed. In order to prevent the risk of contamination of groundwater sources with pesticides, nutrients, hydrocarbons and other harmful compounds, as well as contamination by pathogenic microorganisms, Switzerland has a number of preventive measures that are stipulated in the national Water Protection Act (WPA). To obtain constant and reliable information on the state of aquifers, wells, pumping stations and the quality of drinking water, a unified monitoring system operates throughout the country.

Special attention in the country is paid not only to the process of water purification and monitoring, but also to its transportation. It is reliable and high-quality pipelines for water supply and sewerage that guarantee the supply of the population with clean and safe drinking water, as well as the transportation of industrial and domestic wastewater without leaks and infiltration of harmful substances and compounds into the soil. For guaranteed safe drainage in the municipality of Ayent, located on the northern bank of the Rhone, the Lipetsk Pipe Company Svobodny Sokol produced pipes from ductile iron DN 1000 internally coated with high-alumina cement, which, in addition to chemical resistance, has high abrasion resistance.
From a number of pipe materials, preference was given to ductile iron, because this material  combines unique reliability, high corrosion resistance, resistance to mechanical stress and aggressive liquids, low accident rate, the longest service life - more than 100 years and environmental safety. The fact that Russian ductile iron pipes for water supply systems are able for sale on the European market indicates their highest quality and compliance with the latest global environmental trends. All products of Svobodny Sokol undergo strict control, have state certification and European quality marks MPA NRW (Germany) and ICIM (Italy), as well as the most valuable sign “Made in Russia”.

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