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20 ноября 2014 
Svobodny Sokol took part in Exhibiion "HUS Expo 2014" in Astana, Kazakshtan

On the 18-th of November In Exhibiton hall "Korme" there was a specialized exhibition "HUS EXPO 2014". The most important sections of the event were: energy efficiency, enegry saving, "green technologies", nanotechnologies, water supply, heat supply, building industry, and other significant directons in the question of house and public utilities sector. 

The exhibition participants presented their technologies and special devices for heat saving. engineering, environment saving facilities, energy saving systems, house and public utilities, water mains and pipelines. 

Pipelines made of ductile iron were presented by Lipetsk Pipe Company Svobodny Sokol leading by Director General Igor Efremov. The company leading top managers Sales director Kagushev M., Marketing Department Head Baryshnikov E. and Marketing Department Head Deputy Timanov Y.  were also at the stand in order to present all the advantages of the production manufactured. All the stand guests were informed about the production diversity, service the company provides and were able to receive all the necessary technical information about the production of Svobodny Sokol.   

The most famous specialists of dufferent Kazakhstan Repulic organizations visited the stand. Among them were "Kazvodhox" of the water resources committee from the Ministry of Agriculture together with the general head deputy Dali Uali, "Kazakhstan water company project" at the head of the President Tabanov Eldar, "Kazakhstan Su Arnasy" the association of the water companies among the whole country, "Project company Arcom-Pro" and some other companies responsible for public utilities in the country. 

Also Lipetsk Pipe company representatives visited the Bulding, house and public utilities and land resources managment Kommittee of the Ministry of National Economics of Kazakhstan and were able to meet with the chairman deputy Galiev Vladislav.  Together with the forum in Korme there was a conference «Energy-efficient HUS and innovative construction industry in Kazakhstan». In the section "The modernization of the engineering systems and building" Marketing Department Head Baryshnikov Evgeny reported the company view on the usage of ductile iron pipes in water supply service of Kazakstan.  

The final step of the business trip to Kazahkstan was a presentation of the report "the providing of the reliability, long time service and ecological safety of the water mains with the help of ductile iron pipes" on the territory of "Kavodhoz. 

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