16 october 2013 
Svobodny Sokol took part in 40 International Fair in Baghdad

Svobodny Sokol took part in 40 International Fair in Baghdad


IraqRussian business week has taken place in Baghdad, Iraq Republic together with 40-th International Fair in Baghdad. The fair in Baghdad is considered to be the event of the international importance. The fair managed to gather Russian representatives, Iraqi ministries' members and businessmen of the whole republic in one place.

Hussain Al Shahristani energy minister deputy, Minister of Trade Khairallah Babker, a number of ministries’ representatives, Arabian and European countries Ambassadors and international companies representatives took part in the fair opening ceremony.

Minister of Trade pointed out that International Fair in Baghdad has always been economical and civilized event when the Iraq Republic tries to overcome the difficulties at all levels that require economical decisions.  The Ministry of Trade according to governmental economy policy is looking forward to the economical relationship development with the countries all over the world and also with the help of the fair. The international fair takes place every year. Arabian and international companies represent their production and goods. This time In Baghdad were more than 400 companies from 18 different countries.

Russian DelegationThe Russian part of the exhibition was organized with the help of Russian-Arabian Business Counsel with the support of Foreign Affairs Ministry, The Ministry of Economical Development and Russian Industry and Commerce Chamber that managed to provide all the conditions for Russian delegation to take part in the international fair in Iraq.  2013 year has become a new step of development between two countries.  Nowadays Iraq is the country that has one of the most influential markets in such spheres of economy as electro and power energy, transport and social infrastructure, industry, water treatment and agriculture.


Ambassador of RussiaRussian delegation was represented with 9 companies from different corners of the country. As the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Iraq Ilya Morgunov pointed out it was the first time he saw such a big delegation from Russia. The companies that took part in the fair are the true professionals in different spheres.  Such giants as UAZ, Svobodny Sokol, Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant, Nedra, Vozrozhdenye and others arrived to Baghdad to present the production manufactured.

The company Svobodny Sokol – the biggest ductile iron pipe manufacture of the region and the Lipetsk Chamber of Industry and Commerce President Anatoly Goltsov represented Lipetsk region in Baghdad. 

Lipetsk standThe company stand presented the ductile iron pipe examples produced for water treatment and sewerage systems. The samples found serious interest among Iraqi ministers and businessmen. The Minister of Trade and the Minister of Foreign Affairs were seriously interested in Svobodny Sokol’s production, they pointed out the quality of the production and promised to promote cooperation with the company in the sphere of pipe purchase for water treatment and sewerage systems in Iraq.


According to the data of the World Bank in 2010 it was 9% of city population and almost the half of country population that didn’t have the access to the pure water. The problem needs serious investment from the point of view of water lines building and reconstruction. This fact was confirmed during the negotiation with the representatives of the Iraqi Ministries.


Oil MinistryDuring roundtable discussion taken place in the fair in the pavilions of the Ministry of Water resources and Ministry of Building and Construction the Svobodny Sokol’s managing director Anton Babutsidze and the marketing department head Baryshnikov Evgeniy were able to interest the respectable and outstanding participants of the event. Besides the representatives of the pipe company and the president of Lipetsk Chamber of Industry and Commerce managed to arrange the meeting and business roundtable with the Minister of Trade, visit the pavilion of Baghdad Governorate and Mayoralty and arrange a presentation seminar in the Baghdad Chamber of the Industry and Commerce.


ChamberThe participation of the company “Svobodny Sokol” in business meetings of the fair has resulted in setting straight contacts with interested structures and leading companies working in water treatment sector of Iraq economics. The company has a strategy to establish its own office on Baghdad that will promote Svobodny Sokol pipe usage in the Republic of Iraq.



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