20 december 2021 
Ductile iron piles are going to come to the market

Svobodny Sokol continues its work for ductile iron piles to come to a russian market.

The second stage of experiments has been finished. Right now the only one step is left. The horizontal experiments must took place next year. 

This is the last and main stege for ductil iron piles to mae a technical normative documentation in the country level.

The results of the experiments are really fantastic. the Pile has a load capacity 3 tims more thatn was expected. The production is very important for the russian market. This product is really new. There is no company that can produce ductile iron piles.

Ductile iron piles are known as reliable system for setting up different foundations of civil, industrial and single purpose construction units. A great range of projects with ductile iron piles in Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain and all over Europe are a significant argument of the perfection for such a
technical decision.

The piles are produced by the center die casting method and can be of two outer diameters 118 and 170 mm having different wall thickness depending on the requirements for carried load capacity. The pile has a socket with the conical internal surface and a straight-end with the conical outside surface. The effective length of the pile without a socket is 5500 mm.

The main aplcication sphere is:

Structural Engineering:
Ductile iron piles are used for construction
and reconstruction of the buildings with
different purpose

Pipeline support:
Ductile iron piles are used for construction
and reconstruction of main pipelines to
support in unstable soil condition.
Pylons and wind turbines:
Ductile iron piles serve to support
antenna mast structures, open distribution
systems,communication lines, as a foundation
for overweight structures andfor old-aged
foundations stabilization.

Stabilization of slopes.
Bridge and pier construction:
The piles function for slopes, scars and splays
stabilization. DIP can be a means of sagged
earth and made ground strengthening, a way
to support foundation during highways, bridges
and railways construction.


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